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10 Feb 2014 Problem with transactions

The link provides a very interesting description of a bug allowing altering transaction details. See also MtGox

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7 Feb 2014 Washington Dispensary Now Takes Bitcoin for Cannabis

Since it's complicated for the dispensaries selling Cannabis in the US to do payments with creditcards, the first dispensary in Washington now accepts bitcoin.

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7 Feb 2014 Blockchain banned from App Store

Apple removed the last remaining bitcoin wallet app from the App Store.

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3 Feb 2014 Czech ISP accepts bitcoin

The Czech ISP Netbox (czech) (english) started to accept BTC for paying the bills. They even offer up to 150Mbit/s. Have fun!

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1 Feb 2014 7 eleven and bookstores accepts Bitcoin - in Mexico

The convenience stores 7-eleven and bookstores Ghandi accept Bitcoin. Unfortunately just in Mexico, not worldwide. Here is the text translated to english with google translate.

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1 Feb 2014 parfuemerie.de accepts Bitcoin

parfuemerie.de, a german online shop for perfumes, started to accept bitcoin. They will even give you a discount of 12% with the code "HappyBitcoin". Perfect for your valentine presents, isn't it?

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1 Feb 2014 Bitcoin v0.9.0rc1 released

You can find the release candidate 1 of version v0.9.0 on Github.

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1 Feb 2014 Chicago Sun-Times experiments with Bitcoin

The Chicago Sun-Times experiments today with a voluntary paywall. The processing of incoming Bitcoin is performed by BitWall. We wish them good luck and hope, that the paywall continues to be voluntary.

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