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1 Feb 2014 Bitcoin v0.9.0rc1 released

You can find the release candidate 1 of version v0.9.0 on Github.

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1 Feb 2014 Chicago Sun-Times experiments with Bitcoin

The Chicago Sun-Times experiments today with a voluntary paywall. The processing of incoming Bitcoin is performed by BitWall. We wish them good luck and hope, that the paywall continues to be voluntary.

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31 Jan 2014 "Creators" of bitcoin can disappear with all people's money

If it is true, what Darius writes, there is another funny story about misunderstanding the system of Bitcoins. The Lithuanian Central Bank warns that Bitcoins is not regulated. So far nothing new. But they are afraid of the risk, that "creators of Bitcoin can disappear with all people's money." Link to original, lithuanian

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31 Jan 2014 Chinese BTC exchange opens for business despite bank warning

BTC China reopend the exchange from BTC to yuan despite of the warnings from the People’s Bank of China. This might influence the exchange rates. Also found here.

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28 Jan 2014 Spanish travel agency starts to accept bitcoin

The Spanish travel agency Destina starts to accept bitcoin from now on. All the offers can be payed with bitcoin, but a few hotels andsome airlines. The exchange rate is based on Bitcoin Best Bid (BBB).

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28 Jan 2014 Bitcoin exchange owners arrested

Robert Faiella(BTCKing) and Charlie Shrem (BitInstant.com) got arrested. Both face charges for money laundering.

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21 Nov 2013 University in Cyprus Becomes First to Accept Bitcoin Payments

The adoption of Bitcoin bears ever new fruits as now the world's first University is accepting Bitcoin from students to pay their tuition and other fees. In addition to accepting Bitcoin they offer a master's degree in "digital currency".

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19 Nov 2013 The Present and Future Impact of Virtual Currency

Nov 19 at 3:30 PM - C-SPAN3 (2h) (video library)

Discussions: channel "#bitcoin-hearing" in the "Freenode" IRC-network

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