Information for exchanges

To integrate with bitcoincharts you need to provide complete trade history and orderbook. JSON is preferred. It's best to provide trade and orderbook data at seperate urls (e.g. /api/trades.json and /api/orderbook.json). Bitcoincharts will query those URLs every few seconds so make sure to cache them heavily.

If your markets supports multiple currencies it's best to provide data for each currency at separate URLs. E.g. /api/USD/trades.json, /api/EUR/trades.json

Once you have implemented your API send me an email at and I'll add your exchange.


This file contains an JSON array of trades. It will receive a GET parameter called "since" with a trade ID as it's argument. Your API must return all trades with higher trade IDs than this. A request with "since" set to 0 must return the earliest trades. You may limit the amount of trades returned so that repeated calls with "since" set to the highest trade ID received in the previous request will eventually fetch all data.

[{"date": UNIXTIME, "price": PRICE, "amount": AMOUNT, "tid": TRADE_ID}, ...]




This file contains the complete orderbook (or market depth). It is an JSON dictionary with two keys ("asks" and "bids"). Each key holds an array of arrays with price/amount pairs.

{"asks": [[PRICE, AMOUNT], ...], "bids": [[PRICE, AMOUNT], ...]}

PRICE is the amount of e.g. USD one Bitcoin costs. AMOUNT is the number of Bitcoins in that order.

Don't use floats! You may add quotes around PRICE and AMOUNT.